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Theresienstadt was a unique facility in the Nazi camp system. Theresienstadt served as a transit camp for Jews on their way to the killing centers and labor camps in the east. It also served as a ghetto-labor camp where thousands were incarcerated, and it was used as a holding center for the sick and elderly who the SS hoped would die before being transferred to a killing center. This unique ghetto-labor camp was used by the Nazi regime as propaganda to make others believe that concentration camps were humane living and work centers for Jewish and political prisoners. Theresienstadt had a rich cultural life because of the Jewish artists, writers, and musicians interned behind its walls. However, the conditions at Theresienstadt were terrible and led to many deaths from disease and starvation. Before the Soviet Army liberated the area, SS officials gave the care of the camp and the remaining 30,000 prisoners over to the Red Cross.


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Place Details

City: Theresienstadt 1
Country: Czechoslovakia 1
1,196 of the children are sent/killed at Auschwitz:
05 Oct 1943 2
1,260 Polish Jewish children arrive:
02 Aug 1943 2
42,005 prisoners are deported to killing centers:
January 9, 1942-October 22, 1942 2
Approx. 11,077 Jews remain in the camp-ghetto:
28 Oct 1944 2
Prisoners arrive from evacuated camps:
April 20, 1945-May 11, 1945 2
Red Cross reps. try to get more food for prisoners:
March 1945 2
Soviet troops enter camp, 30,000 prisoners remain:
09 May 1945 2
SS 1st Lt. Siegfried Seidl becomes camp commandant:
30 Oct 1941 2
SS abandon the camp-ghetto:
05 May 1945 2
SS deport 46,750 prisoners to Auschwitz:
October 26, 1942-October 28, 1944 2
SS deport 58,087 Jews from German Reich to camp:
June 2, 1942-April 15, 1945 2
SS deport 75,000 Czech Jews to Theresienstadt:
November 24, 1941-April 15, 1945 2
SS give command of camp over to the Red Cross:
02 May 1945 2
SS send 7,503 prisoners to Auschwitz for space:
15 May 1944 2
Theresienstadt organized as camp-ghetto for Jews:
10 Oct 1941 2
Theresienstadt will be used as propaganda:
20 Jan 1942 2
Two Red Cross representatives tour the camp-ghetto:
23 Jun 1944 2
Camp Begins Operations:
24 Nov 1941 1
Camp Liberated:
09 May 1945 1
Also known as: Terezin 1
Name: Theresienstadt 1
Total deported to Theresienstadt: Approx. 140,000 2
Total number of deaths: Approx. 33,000 2
Total transferred to other camps: Approx. 90,000 2

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