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Neuengamme Concentration Camp


The Neuengamme concentration camp was established as a subcamp of Sachsenhausen at an abandoned brickworks in Hamburg, Germany. Camp prisoners were used as forced laborers in several industries including a renovation of the brickworks. Until 1944, few Jews were imprisoned in Neuengamme. Before then, most prisoners were political criminals from the German-occupied countries. Inmates at Neuengamme were subject to horrible conditions, forced labor, and medical experiments. Nearly half of all the prisoners who entered the Neuengamme camp system died. By the time British forces liberated the camp, nearly all the prisoners had been evacuated or killed during death marches.


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City: Hamburg 1
Country: Germany 1
70 resistance members brought to camp & execution:
20 Apr 1945 2
Allies unknowingly bomb ships w/prisoners aboard:
03 May 1945 2
British forces liberate the camp:
04 May 1945 2
Camp is established as subcamp of Sachsenhausen:
13 Dec 1938 2
Construction of Crematorium finished:
01 Apr 1942 2
Medical experiments begin on prisoners:
20 Dec 1944 2
Neuengamme becomes a full concentration camp:
04 Jun 1940 2
Satellite camp Druette is established:
18 Oct 1942 2
SS begins evacuating the camp:
29 Apr 1945 2
SS hang 20 children to cover up medical experiment:
20 Apr 1945 2
Typhus outbreak, camp quarantined:
31 Dec 1941 2
60 2
January 15, 1945: 50,000 inmates, almost 10,000 women 2
July 1941: More than 5,000 inmates 2
June 1940: 1,100 inmates 2
Total Deaths: More than 50,000, close to half of the total imprisoned 2

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