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The band members of Santana have changed over the decades, with one exception: it's leader Carlos Santana. Santana's unique sound of Latin, rock, and jazz influences has made the band's music classic and the men's fame endless. When Santana appeared at Woodstock in 1969, they were a surprise hit, and this success helped their debut album Santana shoot to number one when it was released that October. While band members changed and the group experimented with different sounds, Santana never lost its following of fans and continues to this day retain world-wide popularity.


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Organization Details

Band Members (1969):
Carlos Santana: Guitarist & Lead Singer 1
David Brown: Bass 1
Gregg Rolie: Vocals & Keyboard 1
Jose Chipoto Areas: Timbales 1
Michael Shrieve: Drums 1
Mike Carabello: Congas 1
Appears before a crowd of 400,000 at Woodstock.:
15 Aug 1969 2
Band performs at San Francisco’s Avalon Ballroom:
17 May 1968 2
Carlos Santana wins Grammy:
22 Feb 1989 2
Carlos Santana’s solo album, Havana Moon released:
01 Apr 1983 2
Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame:
12 Jan 1998 2
Release second album “Abraxas”:
24 Oct 1970 2
Released their self-titled first album:
13 Sep 1969 2
Santana celebrates its 20th anniversary:
20 Jul 1986 2
Santana hits the Top Forty with “Hold On”:
28 Aug 1982 2
Santana performs at Woodstock II:
14 Aug 1994 2
The band performs at the Sky River Rock Festival:
02 Sep 1968 2
The Santana Blues Band forms in San Francisco.:
01 Oct 1966 2
The Santana Blues Band forms in San Francisco.:
31 Dec 1969 2
“Santana III,” hits #1 for the first of five weeks:
13 Nov 1971 2
“She’s Not There,” first Top 40 single in 5 years:
19 Nov 1977 2

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