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The American Hotel in Kankakee, IL


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184 Station


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Description of where the hotel was.

184 Station

My grandmother said that the hotel was on the railroad tracks. She said most of the boarders worked at the Bear Brand hosiery factory just accross the tracks. About 1960, there was a 2 story Speigels store about a block away, with an escalator. The hotel had been there all her life and she didn't expect it to go anywhere, so we don't have any pictures. I heard it burned in a fire that ruined a few buildings.

The Dortch's leave the hotel move to 755 East Station.

kankakee, Illinois

In 1913, Tennessse Jordan Glover & her husband Alvin Dortch are listed as living at a different address of R 755 E. Station. Alvin & Jasper are working in the knitting company, so assuming they left the hotel in 1913.

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Address: 184 Station 1
City: Kankakee 1
Country: United States 1
County: Kankakee 1
State: Illinois 1

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