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Confederate Pensions: Settles

Objective: Explore the "Settles" surname in the Confederate Pension files. Obtain additional information on these folks and see if ordering the pension application(s) will help establish relationship.


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John Settles


Settles, John

I have no reason to believe this person is related "my" Settles clan, but as I am interested in where the Settles came from, originally, and where they settled, how or if they are intertwined, I will try to find out more about this man.

The date of 1875 represents the invalid's application for pension. The application number is 208.593; The certificate number is 140.615.

A later date of 6 May 1908 represents the widow's pension. The application number is 894.455 and the certificate number is 652.901.

John served in Company A, 134th Regiment, Indiana Infantry. Other service: Company G ,146th Regiment.

Samuel C. Settles


Settles, Samuel C.

Is this Samuel Columbus Settles?

Samuel C. Settles served in Company F, 1, Florida Cavalry.  The pension application was made by his mother.  The pension app # is 239.635 and the Certificate # is 266.480.  Samuel's rank was Sargeant. 

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