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The Russian Revolution (1917)


The rising death tolls of World War I disillusioned many Russian citizens, and the country’s political and economic turmoil, aggravated by the poor leadership of Czar Nicholas II, ultimately led to a revolt by the people. Socialist leaders moved into power, taking advantage of the hostile environment. In February 1917, the regime of Czar Nicholas II fell and a socialist government was formed. However, by October 1917, Vladimir Lenin and his Bolsheviks took over leadership of Russia, creating the communist Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or USSR, which controlled Russia and neighboring countries for the next seventy-four years.


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St. Petersburg, Russia



27th Anniversary of the October Revolution

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On November 7, 1944, Russia celebrated the 27th anniversary of the Red or October Revolution. This picture displays two soldiers standing beside a decorated archway commemorating the event. During Communist reign in Russia, the government’s tight hold on civil rights produced a fake sense of security and peace. The people were ignorant of Stalin’s purges and government cover-ups. The events of 1917 in Russia changed the world. From a shaky alliance in World War II with the Allies, to the decades of Cold War, and the eventual collapse of the USSR, the October Revolution began a new age in history and affected a century of political policy.

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Bolsheviks Come to Power:
Influential figures: Vladimir Lenin; Leon Trostky 1
November 7, 1917: The Bolsheviks arrest the Provisional Government and take over the banks and transportation systems. 1
October Revolution: November 7, 1917 (Julian Calendar); October 25, 1917 (Gregorian Calendar) 1
From: 07 Nov 1917 1
From: 08 Mar 1917 1
To: 12 Mar 1917 1
Also known as: February Revolution or Overthrow of the Tsar; October Revolution 1
Name: Russian Revolution 1
February Revolution:
February 23-27, 1917, Julian Calendar: March 8-12, 1917, Gregorian Calendar 1
Important Figures: Sgt. Kirpichnikov ; Alexander Kerensky 1
Revolution Started: From women protesting the bread lines; the revolution is a series of protests 1
Bolsheviks come to power: October Revolution:
07 Nov 1917 1
Czar and family executed:
17 Jul 1918 1
Czar’s government arrested:
12 Mar 1917 1
General Strike:
10 Mar 1917 1
International Women’s Day:
08 Mar 1917 1
Socialists overthrow Monarchy: February Revolution:
March 8, 1917--March 12, 1917 1
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia 1

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