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507th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Co.

First United States Army, ETO, WW II Unit History in WW II; Commendation regarding Enemy Breakthrough; Award of Bronze Star


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Marche, Belgium


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Activity during Battle of the Bulge

Marche, Belgium

Commendation from Headquarters 158th Engineer C Battalion, APO 230, 25 February 1945


Report of Unit Activities In Connection with The Enemy Breakthrough, 6 January 1945 by

Horace W.Bronson, Jr. Capt., Ord. Dept.,Commanding

507th Ordnance Activity WWII


This is a summary of activity during WW II in the ETO . Also a General Order from Headquarters First Army regarding Award of Bronze Star.

Organization Details

Also known as: 507th Ordnance 1
Category: Wold War II 1
Name: 507th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Co 1
Parent Organization: First Army 1
Sub-Organization: Ordnance Dept 1

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