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Catherine "Kay" Marjorie Zavorka {nee Willer}


Kay Zavorka Wife of Bud Zavorka. lived 92y 3m 20d. Mother of 4, Grandmother of 9, Step Grandmother of 3, Great Grandmother of 12.


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St. Louis City, Missouri


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Mr. Charles Fred Zavorka {26} marries Miss Catherine Marjorie Willer {23} at Messiah Luteran Church St. Louis City, Missouri, USA

St. Louis City, Missouri

Marriage License Certificate 471518, page 155, no 484

Marriage license certificate application on 4 Oct 1943

Miss Catherine Marjorie Willer at age 23

Mr. Charles Fred Zavorka - age 26

registered to marriage  dated 4 Oct 1943

Married on 7 Oct 1943 at Messiah Luthern Church

Grand and Potomac, St. Louis City, Missouri


1943 7 Oct Age: 23 Marriage to Charles Fred "Bud" ZavorkaSt. Louis, MO Charles Fred Zavorka on 4 Oct 1943 : registers to marry Miss Catherine Marjorie Willer. St. Louis City, Missouri, USA marriage license certificate 471518, pg 155, no 484  

Event Details

Also known as: Kay Zavorka 1
Name: Catherine "Kay" Marjorie Zavorka 1
Included in Event:
Event Date: 18 Sep 1920 born to Caroline Georgia Hauck Willer 1
Event Type: Birth Location in 3641 Flad Ave., St. Louis City, Missouri, USA 1
People or Groups:
Name: Step-Father Hans Schmidt 1
People or Groups:
Name: Mother Caroline Georgia Hauck 1

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