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NCSU Memorial Bell Tower

The men whose names are enshrined in the NCSU Memorial Bell Tower. We are looking for descendants of these men for the eventual re-dedication of the tower after the bells are installed.


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Raleigh, NC


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History of the Memorial Tower

Raleigh, NC

"The idea for a monument to honor NC State alumni killed in World War I originated with Vance Sykes, a member of the class of 1907. By 1920, Sykes and other alumni had formed a planning committee and hired architect William Henry Deacy to design a memorial tower at the entrance to the campus on Hillsborough Street.

Today, the 115-foot monument, called "a legend in stone," is a symbol of the university and a rallying point for the campus community. Constructed at a cost of more than $150,000, the tower is made of 1,400 tons of granite set on a 700-ton concrete base. Its blending of Romanesque features and Gothic verticality are reminiscent of the towers at West Point."

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City: Raleigh 1
Country: US 1
County: Wake 1
State: NC 1
Also known as: BellTower 1
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