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System Update from Disneyland


Disney Update
Tonights update... from the hotel right outside Disneyland while the rest of the family sleeps. Yes this is called dedication to the job folks.

Footnote Update

Salt Lake City, UT


So we updated last night. All went well and it was brought to you by Mountain Dew.

Thanks for reading.

Footnote Patch

Salt Lake City, UT


Updated the site tonight, btw does everyone have the latest dilbert wall calendar, they are a necessity for my office.

November Patch

Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, Usa


So tonight I went bowling with Boy Scouts before the update. Wasn't too bad. We had fun and most of the boys did very well.

December Update

Murray, Salt Lake, Utah, Usa


The latest footnote update comes from the largest hospital in Utah. Yes I know I am crazy to be working while I am in the hospital, but someone has to bring these great updates to the site.

December Patch

Murray, Salt Lake, Utah, Usa

Rubiks Cube

So we ran the patch for the December release. Pretty minor. It's brought to you today by Rubik's. Hours of entertainment, and perfect for those of us still trapped in a box.

System Update for the New Year

Salt Lake City, UT


So we did a bunch of stuff tonight... but my constant companion was here sleeping on the floor the whole time.

You lookin at me... Punk.

Dallas, TX


So today's update is pretty cool. But this picture of an animal climbing into my car at Fossil Rim is also cool. Hope you enjoy the new features and documents...

April Update

Salt Lake City, Utah


So this update will be pretty invisible until next week when we announce what has happened... it was brought to you by the energy derived from my Orange Soda Float... as pictured.

June Update

Salt Lake City, Utah


Updated some stuff this evening... Also during the update this great birthday present kept watch over me... Enjoy.

June Patch

St. George, Utah


So, I patched today... from my vacation in beautiful St. George Utah.

System Update... May as well have been from Dallas

Dallas, TX


Alright, tonights update come from home, but right after a flight from Dallas where I sat and waited 1.5 hours for my plane to arrive before we could board, and then we sat for an hour on the tarmac waiting for our turn to take off. Got home extra late.

True Geek

Salt Lake City, UT

the one ring

So in true geek fashion this evening I managed to get the database update finished while watching/listening to The Fellowship of the Ring DVD. Proving once and for all that no matter my stylish dresscode I have a through and through geek heart. Enjoy.

Christmas Update

Salt Lake City, Utah


This Christmas Update was brought to you by Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Album. Have a great holiday.

Viewer Update

Salt Lake City, UT

New Viewer Screen Capture

So we have finally released the new viewer to the general public. It is awesome everyone needs to go check out their favorite image in full-screen mode. Here is a screen capture of the new view...

Fall Update

Salt Lake City, UT


So tonight's update is brought to you by Wood Bore. Ash Bore to be specific. These little guys have killed 2 of my Ash trees. But I think we have finally stopped them. Enjoy the small update and system patches.

Large Update, long time coming

Salt Lake City, Utah

Had to do this one from home. It was a little to big to be done remotely. The footnote blog will have details later about what we have done but suffice to say from a System Engineer stand point, it was huge. Long night, and it isn't over yet. For my picture I am using a recent trip to Florida that I took. This is the white sands of Pensacola Beach.

Finishing the Update

Salt Lake City, UT

Cafe Du Monde

Sorry about the latest update. But we had to finish our huge migration. It seems to be working good so far. I hope you all enjoy it. Brought to you by the wonderful Cafe Du Monde, in New Orleans.

Database Upgrade

Salt Lake City, UT

Banana chips

So I finished the database upgrade to new disks this morning. It seems to be fast and responsive. This mornings update is brought to us by Trader Joe's Banana Chips. Picked some up last time I was in a place where they have a Trader Joe's. But have no fear, according to the Trader Joe's website there will be one in Salt Lake City soon enough. Thank you and goodnight.

Big Update

Salt Lake City, UT


Wow, that was a long one. Glad we are back up and running. Hope you enjoy the update and my confidence in it. See image.

Seamless Update

Salt Lake City, UT

Gator Smoking

Burning up with fever but I still updated the site! Bam! Brought to you by an alligator smoking a cigar and holding a tray.


Salt Lake City


So the site is updated again. Seems the same to me. And it is, but we put in a lot of bug fixes. Hopefully making things a little smoother. Thanks.

Minor Update

Salt Lake City, UT


A minor update in your eyes, but we are putting things in place for an awesome update. Tonight's update brought to you by the Beastie Boys, Sabatoge!

Update in the white room

Salt Lake City, UT


Had to do some DB maintenance tonight. But things should be a little more stable now. Brought to you by this fruitcake. Gives fruitcake a whole new meaning.

Big Update...

Salt Lake City, UT


So a long night, but worth it. Things seem to be ok so far. Brought to you tonight by Pappy's Sauce for Sissies. Great BBQ Sauce!

Honor Wall

Salt Lake City, UT


So we have officially put up the Honor Wall. Enjoy! Brought to you by my perfectly carved Jack-o-Lantern!

Latest Update

Salt Lake City, UT


This update brought to you by the SmartVest SQL. But interestingly enough it has nothing to do with SQL the database language...

DB Server Update

Salt Lake City, UT


Did some DB maintenance tonight hence the longer outage after the code update. Hope everything works well. Brought to you by my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary.

New Viewer

Salt Lake City, UT


So we updated a bunch of stuff over the last couple of months. The culmination of which happened tonight on the day I got home from Disneyland. See newly attached photo of me on the Tower of Terror!

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