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Texas associated ships from the Confederate Papers

Ships mentioned in the Confederate Papers associated with Texas


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Texas associated ships from the Confederate Papers


"A. S. Ruthven"
"Alice Pointer"
"Anna Taylor"
"Annie Verden"
"Annie Verdon"
"Bayou City"
"Belle Sulpher" or "Bell Sulpher"
"Break of Day"
"Carrie Sandford"
"Cassey Holt"
"Colonel Stell"
"Elias Pike"
"Eliza Katharine"
"Emeline Laura" or "Emiline Laura"
"Fleta" (out of Jefferson)
"Frederick 2d"
"George Burkhart"
"Good Year"
"Gov. Reynolds"
"Gov. Runnels"
"Grand Bay"
"Grand Duke"
"Harriet Lane"
"Henry Colthirst"
"Henry Coolhurst"
"Indian No. 2"
"Island City"
"J. B. Myers"
"J. F. Carr"
"J. H. Bell"
"J. T. Davis"
"James Morgan"
"Jeff Davis"
"Jefferson Davis"
"Jno. F. Carr"
"John F. Carr"
"Josiah Bell"
"Little Rebel"
"Lizzie Leake"
"Lone Star"
"Lovett Peacock"
"Lucy Gwin"
"Maria Wheeler"
"Mary Eliza"
"Mary Ella"
"Mary Hill"
"Morning Light"
"Nellie Blair"
"Neptune No. 2"
"Rosata Pinto"
"Royal Yacht"
"S. J. Orizaba"
"Sam Houston"
"San Antonio"
"Sara Jordan" or "Sarah Jordan"
"Sea Queen"
"South Carolina"
"Star of the West"
"Sun Flower"
"T. B. Stubbs"
"Texas Ranger"
"The Governor"
"Three Marys"
"Twin Sisters"
"U. S. Montgomery"
"Uncle Ben"
"W. H. Wharton"
"White Rock"
"William H. Wharton"


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