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Thomsen Tribe

Ancestors and Decendents of Hans and Thrine (Hansen) Thomsen.


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Thomsen Family and WWII

Hans & Thrine Thomsen, immigrants to the US in 1915, from Denmark & Norway had 8 children, 6 boys and 2 girls.  Of the 6 boys 5 served in the US Military during WW11. One son, Thomas A. Thomsen died in a military plane crash in Billings, Montana on December 7, 1945. He along with several others were returning to Fort Lewis, Washington to be discharged.  Tom had successfully served in the Belgium conflict.  There is a monument in Billings to the memory of those servicemen who died in the crash.    

During their sons military service Hans and Thrine were sequestered after dark in their home  each night because they were not yet US Citizens.  


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