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SAMUEL SAUNDERS of PHILADELPHIA, went with the British to New York and then joined them in the fight in June,1778. He became the PILOT of the PRIVATEER IMPERTINENT. In June 1779 the IMPERTINENT was captured by the GENERAL GREEN off Cape May. SAMUEL SAUNDERS, BRITISH LOYALIST was a PRISONER in the OLD PHILADELPIA JAIL until he was traded for an AMERICAN PRISONER, THOMAS EWING, PRIZE MASTER of the SHIP HELTY, 9th May,1780. Source, BRADFORD, PAPERS, PA. HIST. SOC.,PHIL,PA.

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If you're interested in Pennsylvania history and want information relating to historical events, facts about ancestors, or original documents to support a research paper, the Pennsylvania Archives is an important publication to explore. This series contains essential records relating to one of America's earliest colonies, from 1664 to 1780, including military, tax, marriage, and land records, as well as documents from American history covering the Revolutionary War and the Whiskey Rebellion.

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